What is Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (rbm)?

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (RBM) is a conscious, connected body/breath technique which activates an inner non-mundane experience. This results in a number of internal experiences. One is where thoughts, pains, memories or feelings or energies that have been held down with the breath, are able to surface to be released, cleared or resolved. The process is freeing of limitations from previous decisions, beliefs or conditioning

This also can include the psycho-emotional aspects of your physical birth, in-utero experience and early infancy and their psycho-spiritual implications. The opportunity is to de-condition and reprogram self. In the non-mundane experience of a Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery session, a new perspective to life issues emerges.
The continued process brings a point of choice or free-to-be-in-action instead of reaction to events and people. In a breath cycle of approximately 90 minutes’ duration, the full and connected breathing accelerates detoxification in the body. This cleanse extends from the physical into an emotional, mental and/or spiritual transformational experience.
There are broadly two styles of breathwork – both are conscious breathing.
Sympathetic activation through stronger and faster than normal breathing which winds up the system and brings cramping and spasms and emotional type releases.
Parasympathetic activation which is longer than normal breathing which m mainly unwinds the system and allows the constrictions in the system to drop out as body sensation discharges.
And the unwinding of the system – parasympathetic allowance is in place with Breathwork Mastery as a path of self generated authentic mastery, meaning ease..
The total time frame of a breath session is approximately two and a half hours

Nine defining points of Rebirthing/Breathwork Mastery (RBM) as a strand of Breathwork

1. Emphasis on body sensation awareness as well as conscious breath all through the breath session – it is a body/breath process.
2. Emphasis on self-mastery – individuals are self-generating their personal development process and are self-regulating organisms – RBM is a creative tool.
3. Awareness on process – when an individual is safe enough, supported enough, and ready enough, he or she will discharge unresolved past events – allow time and awareness in the process.
4. Application of well-chosen intention setting within the process – relate all the content of the breath cycle of the session to the intention in an integrative debrief.
5. Use of breath that allows a physical, mental, feeling or spiritual, transformational experience – start with conscious, longer than normal breathing, so it is connected and full, in and out the nose until or unless the nose closes. Stay with the feeling it is hard to breathe or easy.
6. Allow the breath session to unfold with minimum intervention – use the debrief afterwards to integrate all the wisdom, inspiration or clearing that emerges during the breath cycle
7. Be present to, name and identify exactly what is happening on each level of the breath session, without adding any interpretation – gently amplify whatever emerges to create the environment for discharge of constrictions on all levels.
8. Awareness of safety – a breather can only regress to something that he or she has already lived through – any past event which is surfacing from conscious breath is because of intention – the inner experience is invited to surface and any intense symptoms are immediately affected by a change in intention.
9. Agenda free focus for facilitation with emphasis on expanding self-awareness, and self mastery for the participant and the facilitator .
The instructions in RBM breath sessions are on body sensations after setting an intention and then conscious, longer than normal breathing so it is connected and full, noticing if it is hard or easy to breathe .
Intention is specifically what you want to make a difference to in your life. The emphasis for each session is on clients taking a step that is fully integrated by the end of the session.
Time after the 90-minute breath cycle, is given to debrief the session and to allow clients to relate the content to their intention. Subtle shifts are honoured and integrated as well as mild or intense releases – all of which lead to ultimate resolution in time.
RBM is about having your life go in the direction you intend.

RBM specific breath techniques of 7 steps

• Conscious breath
• Full breath, using the navel and below, the chest and the upper chest and above
• Connected breath, no pauses
• Relaxed or subtle breath – longer than normal
• Inhale and exhale from the nose until or unless it blocks
• Breath remains linked to body sensation awareness and of of variations in breath, body and consciousness
• Awareness on it being hard or easy to breathe

Promise of the Practitioner training course

That you trust yourself completely as a Breathwork Practitioner and that you trust the process.
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