Course participant and qualified practitioner feedback –

used with permission –
feedback from 1987 to date …… from participants in the Course units, the Retreat Intensives and the qualification training courses …..

From qualified practitioner who graduated in 2000 and now practises in the Northern Rivers of NSW –
Anna Fisher – 0408 155 031 ~ email anahart71@yahoo.com.au
“I loved the Breathwork Practitioner Training. It was one of the best trainings/courses i’ve ever done. I studied psychology at Uni and found in incredibly unpractical. In contrast the Breathwork training was wonderfully and hugely experiential – training in a way of being and accepting, for oneself and to support others, to learn to trust that you can stay with and breathe through whatever comes up is incredibly powerful. Initially i didn’t intend to be a practitioner, I was more in it for my personal journey and clearing. But by the end i was like, how can i not facilitate this for others as it is so incredibly beneficial.”

From a practitioner, qualified graduate since 2000, who is available for breathwork sessions in Sydney, Ghislaine Bouskila – 0413 267 268 work 02 9949 3799 ~ ghislaine@aswithinsowithout.com.au
” I highly recommend Alakh’s Rebitrthing Breathwork training. I started with group sessions for my wellbeing and I was so blown away by the changes in my life and by the knowledge of Alakh that I signed up for the professional training. What an amazing and pleasurable journey it has been!There is a very distinctive” before” and “after”  the training in my life. It has given me tools to welcome what is happening in my life and to aim at living a conscious life creating win/win situations for myself and others.
Alakh’s professionalism is outstanding and her dedication to Breathwork is amazing.”

From participant Oliver’s facebook chat to Alakh six months after completing the Introduction to breathwork, pre-professional, 12 seminar and session training – Units 1,2 and 3 in 2012,
God bless you and I truly hope that you receive all that your heart desire’s as I feel you have helped me to see the light of my own eternal heart… Truly Alakh my soul thanks you for an eternity

From Qualified Practitioner, who graduated in 2011 – Miriam, one year later….
“I have created some work that is really important to me …. I totally acknowledge the significant contribution that the Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery training that i did with you last year has had on this manifesting so powerfully now. I’ve done so much clearing and have got so aligned with my purpose and intentions! I’ve been able to discern the inputs and experiences that will best support me in an ongoing way since completion of the training too.
Thanks to you for providing the dynamic training and for making it possible for me to attend it inter-state … it was a great investment!
with love

From a participant in Sydney 12 weekend trainings and two Byron Bay Retreat Intensives back to back of six days, 2004 sent by email some years later – September 2007
David Ragg
“Its been on the back of my mind for a while so I wanted to acknowledge you for the work and attention to making the rebirthing course such a unique experience. The experience I had at the workshop at your home in Byron really is on the my favourite memories of recent years and without a doubt one of the best formats of all the workshops I have done, The format you developed I think is  a benchmark for running an enjoyable, productive and powerful workshop experience….. You’ve put a lot of effort into creating some cool experiences, so thank you.”

From Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing Breathwork ~  in a quick email 6/2/11 to Alakh re her workbook No4 – Chakra Consciousness and Breathwork
” thanks, i looked at the one on chakras that elvi borrowed,,,it is uniquely valuable,,,shows what you learned from your gurg was good stuff.”

From Qualified Practitioner and lecturer at a leading Natural Therapy College, who trained in Sydney weekends for many training units and finalised her training at Retreat Intensives in Byron Bay … giving feedback on the Retreat intensive training experiences of February 2009
Kim Rusten – 0431 338 233 ~ email krusten@optusnet.com.au
“Retreat intensives are perfect opportunity for integration. Successive breathing sessions are useful for clearing – sharing around a meal is perfect – deeper levels of understanding with the extra time and support. I have always felt very supported in training. Intensives are a great mixture of learning/work/fun. Love and nurture have always been provided in training, venue and food preparation.”

From participant Y.R. who completed the pre-professional, 12 session training, units 1,2 and 3  in how to use the breath for oneself – Units 1,2 and 3 in 1999
“The difference the twelve session course has made to my life is greater clarity and awareness in my process and those around me. I clearly recognize patterns that may not serve me and plug in others.”

From qualified graduate J.D., mother of grown boys and grandmother, and massage therapist who gave feedback on units 1,2,and 3
“The training has helped me become much more aware of my own issues as well as others in my environment. Also the ability to breathe when an issue surfaces, eliminating further blocks to becoming free and conscious in my life. Intention has also become valuable to me”

From qualified graduate C.B., mother of two little girls and homemaker, her feedback during the training
“I am starting to see more and more what I am getting plugged into or irrational about … and know I can clear this. Also setting my intentions and knowing they will happen

From early graduate Meredith Dolan – Merimbula.  N.S.W Australia, her feedback after 20+ years
“My 12 month training with Alakh was completed in 1994. Of all the work I have done in the past 20+ years this training in Breathwork Mastery (Rebirthing) has continued to be the most profound platform to evolve my work.
The training established confidence in the power of breath and body sensations to connect the dots and to consciously create the future, resolve the past and enjoy the present even more.
Each module of the training offered profound opportunities to step outside the life I had created into the life I wanted to lead. It has been an easy transition to integrate my Breathwork Training to the field of hands on body work and to my Body Harmony teaching and more currently to the Peter Levine Somatic Experiencing model of Trauma Therapy.

I am so grateful to have been drawn to Breathwork Mastery, the tools of which still continue to unfold. Among other things, this was one of the happiest years of my life and I am elated to say my years just get better and better. Thank you Alakh for helping me create presence and power in my life. I look forward to many more enlightening moments with you”.