Accommodation in Byron Bay, NSW


accommodation details – and what to bring to 25 Mia Court, North Ocean Shores NSW

Venue in Byron Bay ~ north 25 minutes from Gold Coast airport 90 minutes drive from Brisbane CBD 10 hours drive from Sydney
right next to the Ocean and Bush

For Personal Retreat guests, accommodation is included in the retreat fee.
For Group Course Unit and Workshop Retreat participants?

Byron Bay breathing space

Meals and share living arrangements can be made for those who are the first to pay in full for the Training fee.

Workshop style – subsided fee – share one or two others
$ 99 per night/day with meals and share facilities
$ 39 per night/day with self catering – get your supplies on line or at our local café
kitchenette available for participants

Private room and bathroom – market rate – if available – self catering $120 per night/day pre paid single, $150 per night/day for two persons – call Alakh for details 0413167688
add $30 per person for catering provided

– the venue is beachside at the northern end of the shire

please note that the accommodation and meals are included in personal retreats one to one

Meals provided –
all vegetarian.Breakfast and lunch and all beverages and snacks are set out buffet style.A simple nourishing meal is made in the evening.
The accommodation is in a venue appropriate for such a stay, next to the beach and bush at Byron Shire or at a similar site.

It is workshop style accommodation, which means you may share room and bathroom facilities.
Under these conditions, you need to bring your own sheets – recommended two flat ones, and towels. Also comfortable clothes, walking shoes, swimmers, hats etc.

Alternatively, there is a huge variety of accommodation available in Byron Bay.The best nearby location is New Brighton through real estate websites or share accommodation sites.




Byron Bay live-in retreat information – New South Wales – Australia all fees valid until review 1-6-2021

Byron Bay accommodation – 25 Mia Court, North Ocean Shores

Share food and living arrangements at the venue is kept for those who are the first to prepay the training fee in full. (You can pay the accommodation costs when you get here).

Workshop style accommodation at Fern Beach, North Ocean Shores? – is at the subsided cost of $99 per night and includes snacks and meals. It is available for just a few persons and may mean sharing rooms bathroom facilities. You need to bring your own sheets ( recommended – two flat ones, queen or double ) and towels. Also comfortable clothes, walking shoes, hats etc – and don’t forget swimmers and beach towels !

Arriving by plane?
Gold Coast (OOL) is the closest airport is 30 minutes with lots of specials and flight time choices

Shuttle – door to door ?
is approx $40 plus?- please book it first as they don’t meet every flight Uber is between $55 and $75 – check for yourself. IMPORTANT – Do not consider Ballina airport – It is 50 minutes away and you cannot get to the venue by shuttle

Brisbane CBD ? Its 90 minutes drive – turn off at Yelgun Sydney its best to allow 10 hours, which includes a bit of rest time. ( Don’t believe what some of the apps tell you if they say less )

The venue is within a few minutes walk of a long, quiet beach adjacent to a National Park It is at the north end of Byron Bay.

Alternatives – if you have transport?
– there is a huge variety of accommodation available in Byron Bay shire

Alternatives – if you don’t have transport?
You may be able to get a airbnb room or from stays within the area
– 25 Mia Court, North Ocean Shores
or try the South Golden Beach or New Brighton estate agency sites
– the venue is walking distance along the beach and down to our training venue
– nice. Mostly the agents have houses for rent – sleeping 4-8 people for $600 to 1,600 a week – check it out

Bring others? so the family has a holiday at the same time? Sometimes participants bring their family to have a holiday while they come in the day time to do training here
– there are nearby holiday house rentals in all range of shapes and sizes. If you rent at New Brighton you can walk along the beach to get to the training – (try Real Estate sites at New Brighton – Out of holiday season properties start at $650 a week and have lots of beds for that rate.

participant food/accommodation is arranged for training session nights only
– with exceptions for participants from overseas and distant states – we can be a bit flexible….

What you get with share?
shared living and food/expenses at Fern Beach are $99 per day/night or part thereof. This includes
– share room and bathroom
– breakfast /lunch/snacks
– self serve and
– a simple nourishing meal in the evening, all vegetarian.

cleaning fee is not included – leave the room and bathroom as you found it
or contact and prepay a local cleaning operators in conjunction with Alakh’s availability for access

Self catering ? make/bring my own food?
$39 per day/night Order supplies online as they deliver – or pick up yourself
Coles is the closest at 7 minutes drive
and Woolies is 15 minutes away in Mullum
and IGA is 15 minutes in Brunswick
or walk or drive to the local cafes or Brunswick Heads (15 minutes)
Both local cafes are accessible from a beach walk – the local gourmet shop/cafe half a kilometre away – South Golden Beach
which has basic supplies and good take away meals and salads and gourmet burgers and pizza.
– another cafe and bottle shop with a post office at New Brighton which is 3 kilometres away with more supplies and a bigger menu for breakfast and lunch
There is a kitchenette at the venue for your own food preparation

cleaning fee is not included – leave the room and bathroom as you found it
or contact and prepay a local cleaning operator in conjunction with Alakh’s availability to organise access

Private room/bathroom? is it available?
There is a studio room and ensuite – private with your own courtyard It can be booked through airbnb at $120 per night single – $150 for two – in non holiday times email Alakh for details – it will need to be booked paid up front through airbnb

Free time?
yes – each day includes at least three hours of unstructured time for yourself, the beach just 3 minutes away or the bush or rest – whatever you need.

Session times? for 6 and 8 day Course Unit Retreat days?
The schedule is
Breakfast approx 8am,
Lunch 12.30pm
Seminar from approx 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm all days except the last (with some exceptions)
Dinner at 6.30 and lights out at 10pm

Some course units have yoga sessions and cleanses are before breakfast at a time decided by the group First day starts at noon. Last day starts after breakfast for an early finish – after 2pm approx

Session times? for 7 day retreat days of 12 group sessions?
Day 1 ~ afternoon or evening start – one group session – ( time start is subject to the fly in times of participants from other states ) Other days 10 am start – approx 5 end – two group sessions last day – 10 am start – leave after lunch

Please note: because participants fly in on day 1, we allow 7 days to undertake the 12 groups. However, if all participants can get to the venue before 11 am, we can undertake the 12 groups in 6 days, subject to agreement by all participants.
Alakh is flexible and supportive of what will work best – for all.
Coolongatta/Gold Coast is 30 mins drive and has more choice of flights, than Ballina at 50 minutes. Driving from Brisbane – 90 minutes from the CBD on a good day

please note: private live – in or daily retreat intensives, are also delivered exclusively for one person, at twice the training fee per unit, and are made by arrangement with Alakh

IMPORTANT – ACCOMMODATION INCLUDED FOR PERSONAL RETREATS – 24 hour, 48 hour, 3 day and 9 day 30 day
- all one to one ( or two room share ) Personal breakthrough retreat intensives include accommodation and meals with the fees

Want to go into Byron town for a visit?
There are daily periods of between two to four hours where you can go to the beach, town or the bush. To go to Byron town you may need transport?
If you come by plane and want to see the area in your free time, you need to arrange a car
– mornings are free on all but the first and last days of course unit retreats. Alternately, a taxi to town or back is a 20 km fare – it maybe up to $100? Uber may do it for less. There is one bus in around 9am and back around 5pm – it takes an hour – see Blanchs buses website

Please note
We take a whole day off during the 8 session courses – its on the 7th day, with the occasional exception Important – please check for the current fees and rates for accommodation and transport away from the venue – these may have changed?