Alakh Analda –

I delivered sessions and Practitioner training live from 1993 to 2022 and live online with a heart warming success rate from 2020 to 2022

The approach in Breathwork Mastery Practitioner RBM is to be a support professional to the client to use self generated longer than normal, conscious breathing as a path of self mastery.

There is a checklist to set up for live online sessions – for one or two persons at the same time.

The time frame is two and a half hours and I facilitated sessions live online since 2012.

Breathwork Mastery (RBM) Practitioner Training was under the banner of the Training Organisation founded in 2000 – Zentium International, which delivered Qualiifications in Breathwork 1998-2016.


This continued  until 2022 when Alakh turned to Training Trainers and question and answer consu

Now the same course is liveonline with an opportunity for joint business venture workshops with Practitoners-in-training if possible at their venues with their contacts for final supervision and assessment through my Associate Training partner Eleanor Mann

so for Practioner  Training

Available AEDT

European and American Trainers and graduates of RBM speak many languages and in many time zones.
They are listed on the website and now I am a consultant on the Breathwork Mastery RBM specific skills and knowlege since I wrote the study material in the 1990s.

Alakh does have a fee to answer questions which can be booked on the website at $AUD 108 for replies to emails sent to the site.

One to one services

Breathwork Mastery (RBM) specialist skills seminars or questions and answers by email can be booked on this site by a payment

– Mentoring and Coaching for individuals
– Supervision Breathworker Practitioner and advanced skills Training
– Seminars – authentic personal development and transformation
– Breathwork Mastery special skills focus

Alakh holds the qualification Advanced Diploma of Breathwork Mastery trainer and supervisor and is a certified yoga teacher (first in 1977, Bihar School of Yoga, India and later taught the international teachers training to english speaking students 1985)

Breathwork Mastery special focus
– body sensation awareness and conscious breathing after highly motivating intention setting – see nine defining points*
Seminar material – questions from studying the specialist skills and knowledge of RBM

Nine defining points of Breathwork Mastery RBM
(RBM through Zentium International) as a path of self mastery – what does this approach achieve and why? – my speciality

Kundalini awakening in the modern world and breathwork
– what is awakening? ten ways of awakening kundalini shakti

Chakra consciousness and breathwork
– Signs and signals of balance, Imbalance and full function of a major chakra in ourselves and others, psycho-spiritual, emotional and physical

Reactive, Creative and Spiritual relating and breathwork
– our relationship with inherited beliefs and impressions and ancestral influences, including socio-ecomomic and spiritual

Release and Resolution in Breathwork
– how variations in breathing are governed by three centres of the brain and how to create resolution and trauma release. Important for self management of anxiety, panic attack and psycho-spiritual overwhelm, depression from psyho-emotional viewpoint and physiology

Intention setting and debriefing – what is important in your life
– get real about shaping the future to express yourself as who you say you are ….

Instant enlightenment and our relationship with our process of life
– that word subconscious and our relationship with mindful self awareness within breathwork sessions and through life. With many case samples.

Evolved consciousness as a creative act
– the use of the elements water and air, Dolphins, Whales, human delphinus – a new race of humans? Is it possible?

Breathwork and recent research that validates the role of breathwork
– demonstrated experientially since the 1960s, and as distinct from pranayama.

– modern approaches lying down and ancient practises of yoga with heating and cooling breaths and as a ground for deep mediation

Psycho-spiritual crisis management
– signs and signals of spiritual emergency and spiritual emergence and how to breathe to take advantage of either

What is the most important Chakra for a human ? – The throat centre
– centre of body rejuvenation and super creative solutions

The five body sheaths according to yoga
– the Koshas, and how breathwork relates to all

Eight paths of yoga
– and the relation to daily life, the role of breathwork, and its parallels in Tantra, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity

Without Mindfulness we are robots
– the ancient practises of Antar mouna – the inner silence – and the role of breathwork

Alakh Analda

Born in Australia in 1950, I underwent training in yoga in an indian ashram over 9 years 1977-86, after being initiated in India into Kriya Yoga in 1976 and practising intensively daily for a life changing year.
Since coming back after the nine years of ashram lifestyle in India, my main focus is contemporary breathwork as a path of self mastery since 1987. I also keep my personal yoga practise for myself and facilitate others with Breathwork Practitioner training since 1993 and with sessions, private trainings, workshops and retreats and courses
Since 1987 I have been available as a Breathwork Practitioner and from 1993 been delivering Practitioner Trainings in Australia and overseas
The style of Breathwork Mastery is parasympathetic activation approach – longer than normal conscious breathing although my original training was in the sympathetic activation of harder and faster than normal – Hyperventilation which I ceased facilitating in 1998 to expand from the concept of emotional release only and into the sucess achieved by allowing the system to unwind in mostly subtle type sessions.
Nine defining points of Breathwork Mastery RBM for more detail on the approach Alakh delIvers  RBM specialist skills and knowledge

Rebirthing/Breathwork Mastery (RBM) as a strand of Breathwork
1. Emphasis on body sensation awareness as well as conscious breath all through the breath session – it is a body/breath process.
2. Emphasis on self mastery – individuals are self generating their process and are self regulating organisms – RBM is a creative tool.
3. Awareness on process – when an individual is safe enough, supported enough, and ready enough, he or she will discharge blocks from unresolved past events – allow time and awareness in the process.
4. Application of well chosen intention setting within the process – relate all the content of the breath session to the intention in a debrief.
5. Use of breath that allows a physical, mental, emotional/feeling or spiritual, transpersonal experience – start with full, conscious, connected, subtle breath, in and out the nose until or unless the nose closes
6. Allow the breath session to unfold with minimum intervention – use the debrief afterwards to integrate all the wisdom, inspiration or clearing that emerges during the breath cycle
7. Be present to, name and identify exactly what is happening on each level of the breath session, without adding any interpretation – stay with whatever emerges to create the maximum climate for clearing on all levels.
8. Awareness of safety – that a breather can only regress to something that he or she as already lived through – any past event which is surfacing for clearing is because of intention – the process is safe and any intense symptoms are immediately affected by a change in intention.
9. Agenda free focus for client focused facilitation with emphasis on expanding self awareness – both for facilitator and participant.

The instructions in RBM breath sessions are for full, conscious, connected, easy breathing. Intention is specifically what you want to make a difference to in your life. The emphasis for each session is on you taking a step that is fully integrated by the end of the session. Time after the 90 minimum breath cycle, is given to debrief the breath session and to allow you to relate the content to your intention. Subtle shifts are honoured and integrated as well as mild or intense releases all of which lead to ultimate resolution in time.
RBM is about having your life go in the direction you intend.

The style of Breathwork Mastery (RBM) is parasympathetic activation approach – longer than normal conscious breathing although my original training was in the sympathetic activation of harder and faster than normal – Hyperventilation which I ceased facilitating in 1998. It became my intention to expand from the concept of emotional release only and into the success achieved by allowing the system to unwind in mostly subtle type sessions to produce positivity and a sense of inner strength as well as being freer to be at points of choice instead of reaction.