Release and Resolution in Breathwork Mastery


Resolution comes after release?


After emotional release, there is also the step of resolution of a past event.

This is true in Breathwork and other forms of release work, including the spontaneous releases we have in day to day life.


One – release is when the client emotions – expresses an emotion or feeling. It is just the first step towards the client being more free in their life.

Resolution is more available if clients come to understand the reasons and motivation behind the emotional block and see the event from the more adult, present day perspective.

Two – Resolution is available to clients in breathwork sessions at the times when they may regress to the original event causing the block, or a picture of the event and see the “cause” behind the block. It often involves mindful awareness of the limiting decisions at the time of being small, and the whole hearted realizations that the decisions do not have to be true now.


Partial resolution from release

the release may not always be integrated for the client – meaning the client may not relate what happened in the session to their life and the issues they may be facing.


Why are emotional releases not always integrated?

Meaning that the client does not always know what the session means. They may feel a bit different but also left feeling raw with the new openness and other feelings like more vulnerable to others and sensitive to events.


One reason for this experience, is that clients may have regressed to a primal, infantile state in the session, when they were newly born or even in utero or still preverbal. There were no words and the very small human truly was vulnerable and exposed – super sensitive – having just arrived from a protected, fluid home called the womb, or still helpless and dependent on others and unable to communicate problems or needs to the care givers. This can account for some of these sort of “what was that?” times after emotional release work.


Those days a largely over for most clients now we head through the second decade of this millennium.



This is a statement of a state of completion or peace about the original event or circumstances – there is no longer an emotional charge or reaction or upset in associated with the event or ciricumstance.


To hear about the event, circumstance or person seems like its about someone in a story or a movie – or a past life, can be one way to describe the authentic feeling, yet detached relationship with original situation or person when we are resolved about it. We may have authentic compassionate feelings or interest or curiousity . But the electromagnetic charge or trigger is gone and peace and acceptance lives in its place.


Another sign of resolution of an event or circumstance is when individuals are fully focused on their future, or vision for themselves, and do not feel any lingering ties to being fulfilled by something that was needed or wanted in the past.


I cannot stress too much that the nature of breathwork, when the awareness is linked into the body sensations while clients breath consciously, enables the discharge of events from the body, and opens up the possibility of resolution more often than if the focus is on release on the emotional level only.