Personal Intention, wants, wishes, desires, longings, passions, aims, motivations, goals.

We all have intentions. They are sometimes with us as wants, wishes, desires, longings, passions, aims, motivations, goals. There is a difference – but all point towards something that is important to us – it may be subconscious or unexpressed.

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery is a generated-by-self process in which you will become more conscious-of-self and others. An individual comes to participate from a certain sense. This ranges from a mild concern about an issue, to an extreme sense of not really living life to the full.  We have “wants. We also have intentions. Mostly they are subconscious, unverbalised, unrealised and unrecognised.

Intention is not focused on what is wrong, rather what can be achieved. It is a wholistic and creative process, that continues to self-motivate an individual once the intention is externalised, verbalised, in the session. What ever the motive an individual has for using the Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery processes, there is always a personal intention behind an individual’s thoughts and actions, whether conscious or not.

Intention setting in Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery sessions, is not a “fix it” application but a description of what is not yet happening or present in an individual’s life.

It is a future event or picture, or it is not an intention.

An intention can be deduced by asking yourself

– “What do you want to happen that is not happening in your life?”

or        – “What keeps happening in your life that you do not want to happen?”

Time frame is added to intentions

Placing a time context gives a result in the session. It is best when it is personally relevant to what has been happening in an individual’s life to date. It often sets the intensity of the session and can be changed during the session itself.

In the Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery process, intention can be phrased in two ways. For example.

First – Describing the outcome:

“I intend to create a permanent increase in shared harmony in my relationship by next week”  OR

Secondly – Describing the framework for the outcome:

“ I intend to clear anything in the way of a permanent increase in shared harmony in my relationship by next week”.

 The important question for intention setting

Your intention answers the question:


There may be a series of areas which can all be added into the intention.

The same session can include the release and clearing of other related issues or patterns that you are already aware of. By making a list of all that you are willing to clear or resolve, it’s easier to trace the unconscious links.

Setting a clear intention can be beneficial when clearing a specific physical problem, as well as deciding to make a difference to relationship issues of all types, mental or emotional dramas, spiritual confusion, employment problems, or living conditions etc.

Intentions are most powerfully used when they describe:

– What is not happening in your life, that you want to be happening? 

Or they can be decided by asking yourself

–       what is happening, that I do not want to be happening?

Then paint a picture of what is not yet happening in relation to that answer

The answers to these questions are called your current “issues.”

Intention setting can be effectively used on a day to day basis, from meeting to meeting, interaction to interaction in all areas of your life. However, when setting the intention for a breath session remember that the intention always  creates the specific inner response. Everything that surfaces, is unresolved subconscious material and as it surfaces, it activates the cellular memory, the body sensations.

This combination encompassing the physical, emotional , mental and spiritual levels is Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery. Rebirthing Breathwork is already a powerful process that is only enhanced with verbalising an intention. Nearly everyone has an answer the question “what do you most want to make a difference to in your life right now?”

If there is a bigger intention, like enlightenment, it is recommended to state the big picture you have in mind and what that situation would look like in the near future, say a week or two.

note here what you want to be happening in your life right now that is not yet happening……

Difference between goals and intentions?

A goal is specific and measurable. An intention describes what you think that goal will give you – its more like a state of being or an overall experience. You can have both as long as you focus on the intention and then tune into the body sensations after intention setting.

Significance of intention

After the intention setting aspect, the Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery process begins. The session, consists of taking fully conscious, connected breaths, while maintaining a relaxed breathing pattern. The process moves along, with a background awareness of body sensations, allowing either a physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual experience for the individual. There are significant changes in energy and self awareness that leads the individual to fulfill their intention, or bring the issues in the way of the intention closer to resolution.


Power of words.

Using the word “intend” is an important part of the process and resolution of issues. Rather than the word “want” which implies a hopefulness, to use “intention” is to engage will power and focus, as well as the cellular memory, a most important point.


Breath session time and format

As the breath session is usually an inner experience, it is practised lying down. A complete Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery session includes approximately sixty to ninety minutes for connected, conscious, full  breathing.


It starts with about a half hour or more, to share and verbalise the intentions of the session, and after, another half hour or so to debrief the whole experience. The overall time allowance is between two to three hours. The levels of experience can vary from one session to another. The level where the issue may lie also varies.


These levels reached in a Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery sessions are either physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. Whatever level you need is experienced in the session, depending on the initial intention of that session.  The session experience is not predictable, neither is the level, nor the duration or the intensity.


Session Content

The content of each session relates to what is happening in your life now, or what is actually in the way of you creating  the foundations of your personal  intention.  Occasionally that is not completely obvious straight away. Some personal shifts happen entirely energetically in the physical body or involve an emotional release. Yet the intention sometimes manifests or clears without you ever going through the usual mental levels of self understanding and awareness.