Rebirthing Breathwork Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• What happens in a breath session?

The experiences of a breath session are likely to be physical, emotional, mental and or spiritual. The experience happens on whatever levels you need in the session, depending on the intention of the session. The session mostly relates to what is happening in your life now, or what is in the way of the intention.


• Do I remember my birth?

The technique is often a regression. This can be to any point in your past, including in-utero recall and past life symbology. The main value of regressing is to discover the belief that was made in the past, and sometimes at birth since it was a significant event, that is affecting or limiting you in your life now. Another is to recover information from past events or see them from the adult perspective. Or there is value in being present to what you could not be present to in the past, sometimes moments or stages of birth or childhood. All this leads to resolution of that issues produced by those events, partial or total, in the RBM breath session.


• Is birth that important?

Birth itself is a physio-emotional event with psychological implications, and a spiritual dimension. It is a point in time when patterns and beliefs about life and people also take birth. That gives rise to the name Rebirthing. You do not always regress to your birth in a session. That is most likely when you are in transition in your life, or a relationship, or some similar major change is happening.


• Why go back to my past?

People usually come to Rebirthing Breathwork out of wanting to be more self-aware and self realised. The re-experiencing of birth or any event is only to release or resolve anything “left over” or incomplete from this or any other past event. Usually this comes through re-experiencing the event or events and identifying the decision that gave rise to the belief that has been conditioned or imprinted and lived out from that time. This creates the climate for release or resolution, which is mostly immediate.


• What does the breath do?

Through breath the conscious mind connects with the subconscious mind and material surfaces. Once something is in the conscious mind, it no longer has the same power over you that it has when it is subconsciously driving you. In RBM breath sessions you get the messages and images from the subconscious mind and it makes a difference to your life


• Physically

The Rebirthing technique is to increase breathing to the fullest comfortable use of the breathing mechanism, navel, chest and upper chest. Also on the physical level, the extension of the length of breath so there are no pauses, allowing a higher breath intake into the lungs. The increase from longer and deeper yet relaxed breathing, speeds up the detoxification of the body through breathing, which already detoxifies the body to a high degree. The neurological centre in the brain that gives the command for the automatic breath comes from a different part of the brain to that for the conscious breath, which is commanded by the more evolved part of the brain.


• Psychologically

The interpretation is parallel. The automatic patterns of breathing keep you in the automatic patterns of living and responding. It parallels the survival mechanism for people to survive life, reacting to events. The conscious breath is a generated breath, a created breath, leading to created life in terms of being able to generate your life from choices made in the present. In a psychological model, RBM is best described as a technique for belief system restructuring. Or de-conditioning and reprogramming. With Rebirthing, people discover the source of beliefs or belief systems from which they have operated. It may take a series of sessions, depending on how much awareness is present around the issue, or how conscious a person is. However in time there is resolution of obsolete or limiting beliefs.


• Emotionally

Many individuals grew up not being safe to feel or have authentic emotions when small, or have been shamed or humiliated about their feelings, or shaped by expected or family pressure responses on what feelings are ‘nice’ or acceptable, Added to a family or cultural conditioning around feelings, as children, we have also gone through a number of experiences when tiny which were life threatening to us when tiny, yet were not for the adults around us. For the first few months and years we are totally dependent on others and cannot move or speak to ask for what we want or get a blanket if we are cold, tell of pain or injury that is not visible and so it goes. Even being lost in a supermarket for five minutes could seem to be life threatening for a small child and for example, having the cord cut too soon before the lungs are brining in oxygen, can seem life threatening for a newborn. The feelings and decisions that are made as a consequence, remain embedded in the psyche, become subconscious, and as adults, we ‘react’ to associated events. Many people do not know that what is being triggered is the body memory of the original event or cause. RBM techniques allow individuals to be safe to feel and safe to remember. In time, individuals experience authentic feeling responses in their life. This of course, includes bliss, which is one of the most suppressed feelings. Until then, each of us has valid survival modes for avoiding , masking or hiding/suppressing previously valid feelings, including addictive behaviours, and irrational responses – in spite of becoming adult!


• Spiritually

If someone is totally at peace, deeply in a state of mental, physical and emotional expansion, in touch with self and having a deep sense of connectedness on all levels with all forms of life and the universe as a whole, you will find that person is breathing fully, effortlessly, with a rhythmic, even flow of the breath that comes from the bottom to the top of the torso, as if breathing in an out of every pore. Therefore, if we as RBM practitioners give you the instructions for a full conscious, connected relaxed breath, you are quickly able to become aware of what material is in the way of your peace and connectedness, and you are more likely to be able to create these states for yourself.


• Medical application

In a medical model, RBM is most powerful for pain reduction. In RBM breath sessions, through the breath and its affect at cellular memory activation, individuals are able to release body pain, often chronic, by getting to the emotions, or memories plus emotions, held at that point, Chronic pain is emotional, mental or spiritual trauma locked in the body. This is usually held in place also by a belief, formed at the original event which imprinted the trauma. A resolution is created in the same way the pain was created.


• An inner experience

In the RBM breath session, you set an intention for the session. The specific breathing is started and the body starts to have sensations. This leads in time to the surfacing of emotions, or psychological material, regression to memories or images relating to what is happening in life now, or what is in the way of the intention of the session. There is the facility to get to the cause of a pattern or issue. The other experience is transpersonal or spiritual or can be described as a meditation type experience with an accompanying deep relaxation and a feeling of rejuvenation.

In the session there are also energy experiences and or tingling or what I call a spiritual cleanse, which is usually accompanying the release or resolution of an emotion or an obsolete belief. The session is complete when the whole body is calm, usually after ninety minutes or more.


• What is a RBM Practitioner?

A practitioner or trainer is someone experienced in the process from personal application. Your Rebirther Breathworker specifically provides a space for you to be safe to remember, feel or express yourself anyway you need to fulfil your intention, including experiencing spiritual dimensions. The space the practitioner holds is an agenda-free space. Regression often happen spontaneously in life, without lying down and connecting the breath in the presence of a practitioner. What is called spontaneous regression can be triggered in high energy places, like some points in nature, in places of spiritual power, or in childbearing or lovemaking or by a song, movie, some association, drug taking, loss, another trauma, social or work pressure. The spontaneous session happens mostly when the breath increases as an attempt is made to push away the cellular memory, feeling or emotion that is surfacing. The feeling is of being taken over by an energy and most panic attacks, if facilitated would possibly turn into the full body memory birth recall, in the presence of someone like a RBM practitioner who can support the process and is quite allowing of what is happening.


• Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery emphasis

is not only on release, it is on resolution. The emphasis is that with specific questions about what is happening to you in the session, in time, you arrive at any emotion or feeling around what is the way of the intention, and release it, AND discover the imprinted belief system or series of beliefs, which has created current issues in your life until then.

Use of intention + body + conscious breath creates a resolution in time. Having an Intention for the session activates the cellular/body memory in time to surface the point of decision that has been in the way of the intention and let it go if it is no longer true, then state in that altered space, what is now true. This is the process of deconditioning and reprogramming specific to Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery. The other main emphasis is on integration of the session. The use of the effortless, relaxed breath, allows the intensity of the session to be in accord with whatever can be integrated by the breather.


What is the difference between Breathwork and Meditation?

Meditation is concentrated concentration. One of the Yogic pathways to mind power is to first create steadiness of the body, then the use of practices that lead to sense withdrawal. That is, the diminishment or ceasing of smelling, tasting, seeing, touching, and hearing. Then practices that lead from sense withdrawal to concentration. Then concentrated concentration leads to meditation and meditation leads to Samadhi or superconsciousness.


Meditation references

Meditation has occurred when one thought, symbol, object or point of focus is in the mind for approximately two minutes and ten seconds without any other thought entering the mind. As soon as a thought enters, meditation ceases.

Samadhi, superconsciousness is when meditation continues for approximately three hours. The experience of superconsciousness creates a different being. All sorts of faculties and states that are dormant in most individuals become available. The mind undergoes a permanent transformation.

There are a number of states of superconsciousness also, each with a different feature, and the details can be found in the Yogic scriptures. There are a number of mental, psychological outcomes after the occurrence of spontaneous meditation also. Similar outcomes are observed with people who practise Rebirthing Breathwork.


What are some common mental level experiences within a session?

images, memories, dream type symbolic images – collective unconscious symbols, symbols like a candle flame, shapes, colours, inspired and clear thoughts, words as a picture, sentences as thoughts or a picture, panorama, looking down from a high place and sometimes moving as well…. and more

The Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery pathway is through sense amplification. The senses are not withdrawn, but given notice and attention. Body sensations are actually given the focus of awareness, and from that focus can come mental pictures, images, memories, symbols, shapes, colours, thoughts, words, sentences and panoramas. The process is more organic than technical and includes periods of concentration close to and including meditation.


Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery – What is the value of the Mental aspect of a RBM session?

The aspect of Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery which can be distinguished as the mental is the part of a session that is commonly accredited to mind activity. That is except for mind chatter thought activity. For some reason the intensity of mind chatter thinking does slow down in a session, and for periods of time, ceases.

The moment to moment mind chatter changes from the beginning of the session to sometime after the end. Thinking clarifies. Inspiration comes. Even if it is not followed, it has an impact. It is often a surprise to notice your thoughts dissolving once the Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery technique for breathing starts.

The thinking mind is calm at the end of a Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery session also. What is more likely to be present is inspired thinking and realisations, and the feeling of making connections and making sense of what has been happening, or “fitting together the pieces of the puzzle” so the picture is clear.

So besides memories, images, pictures, symbols, shapes, colours, words, sentences, and panoramas, there is a reduction in mundane mental activity while the process allows the breather to have an outcome of mental clarity on an issue.