Pre-Professional training of 12 sessions

Breathwork Mastery training
How to Self Session and live more intentionally each day and support others

  • Course in Breathwork Mastery – 12 sessions
    how to use conscious breathing for self and support others in your life – personal or professional
    127 nominal hours
    pre professional training in breathwork mastery of 12 sessions – experiential and theoretical – in 12 days – how to support others who are in crisis, anxiety or panic states, determined to relieve depression symptoms or those who realise they can become more relaxed and at points of choice instead of reaction and irrational thoughts and actions.
    pre professional training in Breathwork Mastery
    – and use of full, conscious, connected breathing on a path of self mastery – with emphasis on integration, process and living intentionally.

twelve sessions – 12x subject seminars and sessions
Course Unit 1 – Breathwork Mastery & Mindful Self Awareness – two sessions
Course Unit 2 – Power of Breathwork – four sessions
Course Unit 3 – Breathwork and Conscious Relating – six sessions

Course units 1 and 2 are about Relationship with self,
and 3 is Relationship with others

This pre-professional course is a training to free up and resolve what appears in adult life as patterns, blocks and limitations. This training is about techniques to activate capacities you already have that you will be glad to use, to clear and balance body, mind, emotions and spirit personally, and in personal and professional relationships.

Energies that have been held down with the breath, are able to surface to be released, cleared or resolved. The process is freeing of limitations from previous decisions, beliefs or conditioning.

This twelve session training course deals with skills required to use breathwork techniques for self- clearing own physical, mental, emotional or psycho-spiritual blocks to wellness and intentional living and how to support others.

The completion of the pre-professional training course units 1,2 and 3, allows the participant to apply breathwork mastery for self use and leads to transferring these skills to the qualifications of a RBM practitioner, if that is the intention.

In the twelve session training course, participants may undertake practical training as support/assistant to a practitioner or trainer in a training situation with their other clients/participants, under direction, as well as support others who have completed, or are participating in the self-clearing training.

Skill application
Alternatively to going into further practitioner training, these skills from the twelve session training course are applicable in all aspects of personal and professional life. These agenda free listening and psycho-emotional support skills are of particular advantage to those who work with others – and to all who are in contact with people who maybe in states of distress, upset, healing crisis, some depression or anxiety states in others, and in all types of management or health care roles as well as applications in personal parenting and general relating.

other applications
Another application of skills is to support others from any area of life who are already highly activated or experiencing highly irrational states of mind or emotion as indicated by their breathing: that is any person who is not being activated within a breath session, yet is undergoing a spontaneous clearing or regression.
In such cases, these experiences to be supported can range from intense psycho-spiritual crisis states or panic attacks and/or severe anxiety through to mild yet long term reactive or irrational states that have become chronic and almost habitual.

After the pre-professional training course in breathwork ?
professional application or further training courses ?

After course unit 3, the participants automatically apply these skills for personal use during day to day life. As they continue to also be facilitated in breath sessions in the next units, theory and practical experience synergise towards expertise in working with others as a RBM practitioner. This series of self paced units, Units 4 to 7 are face to face training and Unit 8 is personal and practical training with practical client contact. It is appropriate that all this training is self paced and flexible delivery because of the personal development aspect of becoming a RBM practitioner. Two other external units are necessary and the practical training unit course 8
Pleae note
While participants are still in training, they provide support to others during breath sessions or groups that is :
minimum intervention

Each face to face unit contains contains a theoretical seminar and breath session per session.

Because the training is so experiential, with integrated and simple assessment, participants can start at any unit. In time the theory melts into experience. Every part of the training enables and trains the participant to apply breath-clearing in their life.
Units 1 to 3 deliver the details for self-use in the seminar as theory material with detailed workbook back up. So the units do not need to be attended in a numbered sequence.

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