Our Accreditation

Certification for practitioner and facilitator 2015 – 16

The accredited course, Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery, is currently not on scope of a Registered Training Organisation.

The coure is accredited for delivery up to Mid July 2016, when it will need to be reaccredited, as all courses are, every five years. The self paced nature of the training means re-accreditation  will come while participants are still in training.

Therefore, the accredited course has been replaced since 1 July 2015, by the International Certification in Breathwork Mastery.

What is the difference between each course?

The nationally accredited training, Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery, has been meeting the requirements of the Australian Qualification Framework for vocational training since it was first accredited in 1998. It also draws on, and reflects the standards and guidelines of the International and national associations for professional training. The course is 785 hours supervised training and 986 unsupervised. This make a volume of learning of 1,711 hours, a lot of the time involving the rigorous assessments that make up gaining an Australian qualification.

The International Certification in Breathwork Mastery is exactly the same course content, training materials, and curriculum as the Diploma. It is guided by the national and international associations standards and guidelines.

Upon graduation, and even while a participant, you may join the national and international bodies.


Qualifications ~ Fully Accredited Training

Zentium International’s Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery accredited courses and trainings have been nationally recognised with The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) since 1998.

Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery

 30948QLD Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery is training for professional practitioner and facilitator over 10 units.
Qualifications are issued in partnership with the Registered Training Organisation, High Motivation Training Academy, Provider No 31711

This qualification includes pre-professional training units, which health care practitioners and a range of other professions undertake for their continuing professional development or education and for personal development and management skills.

Australian Qualifications Framework
(mainly University)
Doctoral degree
Masters degree
Graduate Diploma
Graduate Certificate
Bachelor degree
Advanced Diploma* Advanced Diploma
Diploma* Diploma
Certificate IV*
Certificate III
Certificate II
Certificate I

*These courses have also met the international standards of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, http://breathworkalliance.com, and the guidelines of the International Breathwork Foundation, www.ibfnetwork.com, since the standards were created

Graduates of the Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery may deliver the course qualification once they have industry experience and trainer qualifications relevant to the current standards. They need to have the sponsorship of a Registered Training Organisation and the copyright holders permission.

Qualifications in the Australian Qualfication Framework AQF

The course is within a framework provided across Australia, in all states and territories for recognised vocational training. The government bodies that recognise the courses are the same that recognise all vocational training and apprenticeship standards and skills. Therefore, each unit delivered by Zentium International,  is part of the final qualification. For each unit completed successfully, the participant is awarded a statement of attaintment for being assessed competent and participants self pace their training. There can be gaps between training which will be subject to terms and conditions of each organisation that presents the courses in the future, as it is now.

Units of the course cover competencies that are specialist to Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery and those in common with other health care modalities, which are called core competencies in the National Health Care Training Packages and one from the Business Package. Therefore some individuals who are graduates of other recognised health care modalities, like naturopathy, may not need to undergo those units again, for example, first aid or administer a practice. Alternatively, those who are assessed competent in the above course, can also be credited in the reverse situation – against their naturopathy qualifications, for example

What it means to be “accredited”

It means to be granted recognition by a body or training system, or given validation by training like apprenticeships and other training within any modality, trade or vocation.

In the case of the courses above, they are accredited within the same departments of education and training as all schools and other institutes that provide education from schooing to university.

The V shaped symbol for nationally recognised training can only be used for those accredited within the national Government framework. Each of these courses is “on scope” to be delivered by a RTO – Registered Training Organisation, an offical school or college, or academy or institute who has undertaken the compliance to operate at and maintain the standards required by the Authority ASQA, www.asqa.gov.au,
The qualifications set by the national body are recognised in each state and territory of Australia, and by other countries that recognise Australian qualifications.

Accreditation at the National Government level

With accreditation in the vocational training national system , there is a language, terms, and sets of requirements that are distinct and may not be familiar. This is a system agreed to by all States and Territories to create and maintain a National standard of Education and training Qualifications recognized by Industry and the public for training in a profession or a trade.

In the area of Health care, a submission by Alakh Analda in 1998, for Rebirthing Breathwork has been recognized at the level of Certificate 111 and Diploma until the time for resubmission in September 2005 The courses were successful in being re submitted to the level of Certificate IV for practitioner training and Diploma and Advanced Diploma for trainer training in 2006. These courses are now reaccredited in 2011 as Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery.

Those participating in the reaccredited course will have certification that is recognized in the same framework as graduates of Universities, Tafe Colleges and other Institutions that have been presenting accredited trainings in accord with the Australian Qualifications Framework. Alakh’s Rebirthing Breathwork Trainings have been listed since 1998 on the National register as Vocational Trainings recognised and accredited under agreements of the State Ministers for Education.

The re-accredited course has competencies that are core within the National Health Package, and specialist also,  in the strand of breathwork named “Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery”.  The course is on scope with Registered Training Organisation, High Motivation Training Academy,

Information on competencies

The competencies achieved in the Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery enable successful participants to work with clients/patients in the Health Industry in a complementary practice or as a self-employed RBM practitioner and facilitator. On achievement of the units of competency participants will:

    • demonstrate understanding of a broad knowledge base incorporating theoretical concepts with substantial depth in some areas;
    • analyse and plan approaches to technical problems or management requirements;
    • transfer and apply theoretical concepts and/or technical or creative skills to a range of situations;
    • evaluate information using it to forecast for planning and research purposes;
    • take responsibility for own outputs in relation to broad quantity and quality parameters;
    • take limited responsibility for the achievement of group outcomes.

Trainer competence

Alakh Analda, the Director of Training for Zentium International,
has graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Rebirthing/Breathwork Trainer
The details of this competence follow : The competencies achieved in the Advanced Diploma of Rebirthing/Breathwork Mastery Trainer enable successful participants to work with clients/patients in the Health Industry in a complementary practice as a Rebirthing/ Breathwork Mastery Practitioner Trainer who trains all levels of qualifications and supervises, mentors and provides casework supervision to other professionals. On achievement of the units of competency participants will:

    • demonstrate understanding of specialised knowledge with depth in some areas;
    • analyse, diagnose, design and execute judgements across a broad range of technical or management functions;
    • demonstrate a command of wide-ranging, highly specialised technical, creative or conceptual skills;
    • generate ideas through the analysis of information and concepts at an abstract level;
    • demonstrate accountability for personal outputs within broad parameters;
    • demonstrate accountability for group outcomes within broad parameters.