What Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery offers

It may be hard to imagine, until you participate in Rebirthing Breathwork, that emotions and feelings experienced in utero and during the birth process, have been resurfacing and are subconsciously recreated in your life for years! This mechanism is the attempt to release and resolve certain past moments. All sorts of feelings!!! The good news is that individuals also discover that one of the most suppressed feelings – bliss!


Emotional wholeness

Feeling the feelings, whatever they are, leads to wholeness. To feel, or be emotional, has not always been socially acceptable or accepted in the family in the last 100 years of social interaction. As a society, we are still suffering from the legacy of the Victorian era and the decades of denial and misunderstanding around feelings and emotion that been our heritage until recently.


Dictionary on Emotion:

from Webster – “Strong, generalized feeling: excitement or agitation”

It comes from the verb “to move”, and in Rebirthing Breathwork, emotions move the session closer to release and resolution. It is always beneficial to emote in a breathwork session. It frees the breather to be “moved” in life.


On the level of survival, emotion or feeling is a mechanism for looking after our young. In particular, nature requires mothers and their children be emotionally bonded. That does not mean they are, especially in the last one hundred years. Biochemically however, there is a mechanism of the bonding created by a newly born child gazing into the eyes of the mother for the first forty minutes after birth. Modern research has shown that the love drug, oxytocin, is secreted in both mother and child, leading to an associated emotional connectedness, including with other family members.


Previous generational conditioning

Many people have been deliberately conditioned not to feel, or have decided to suppress or repress feelings because of not knowing what to do with the intensity of some emotion or because their role models teach them to do so.


Suppression, repression, expression, depression…….

The single most important factor preventing individuals from allowing themselves to surface, be in touch with, or express their feelings or emotions is safety and support. If individuals are not expressing themselves in their life and relationships on the emotional level, they are not yet safe enough or ready enough! There are a huge number of possible reasons why.


However the simple fact remains that for some reason, there was not support or encouragement in the past, or permission, or role models, for being free and expressive emotionally. More individuals have been conditioned NOT to feel in the past then have been conditioned TO FEEL and enjoy their feelings.


Alternately, there is some extremely painful or traumatic event that caused the emotions to be unexpressed and the unraveling of such wounding or harm may not happen overnight, although in a crisis, some of this is what can be called a crisis. Individuals do not suppress or repress feeling because it is a wonderful thing to do, but because it is a survival mode, which allows us to survive. Most of the cases where suppression and repression are pronounced are cases where life threatening events were involved.


Rebirther Breathworkers know many seemingly unthreatening events for an adult are life threatening for a baby or child. Even a child of age three, when faced with a big barking dog, may have an authentically life threatening experience in the company of insensitive or unaware adults four times bigger than the dog and the child, who compound a child’s fear at such an event by laughing at the terror of the child.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression is understood by Rebirther Breathworkers to be the result of having to suppress – keep below the surface, depress – push down, and generally not be able to feel or express feeling or emotion. Therefore the solution seems simple and it can be. However, in reality, the whole structure behind being able to feel can be so complex as to make a life’s work of the restructuring by clearing past conditioning.


Clearing depression

Being “flat” and uninspired is compounded by any movement away from feeling just flat and uninspired. The quickest way to clear being depressed or flat in theory is to really, really feel depressed or flat!!!!! However, the background to being safe or supported in being depressed may also be complex again. Many individuals have so many reasons to be flat.


Those individuals who seek out a Rebirther Breathworker are able to clear the original events over time. It is not even necessary to give up anti depressants or other medications, in fact it is highly recommended not to do that initially. I always support the client to work with the professional who gave the medication in the first place. One factor in such a relationship is that at one point, my client was in victim consciousness about their feelings or emotions in order to have needed the support at the level of medication. The transition to being able to clear the issues leading to needing medication may not be an overnight clearing and it can be. However step-by-step clearing is more likely to be the pathway of the process.



From the experts:

Anxiety is excitement without breath – this is a psychotherapy distinction. Therefore anxiety disorder clinics teach their patients breathing techniques.


Safe, supportive environment

Even a loving, intimate relationship or friendship may not be the best situation for an individual to release or resolve their blocked emotional or feeling conditioning. In fact loving relationships and friendships bring up emotions and feelings about times in the past when love and acceptance were not being given. This, in turn clouds or affects the present loving connections depending on the degree of understanding of the individuals involved.


A Rebirthing Breathwork session is an intentionally created space for individuals to be safe enough to remember or be in touch with, any feeling or emotion, when they are ready.

The “safe” space is not always used at once. Individuals may need sometimes to go to other levels, physical, mental or spiritual to establish a readiness or foundation for the emotions or feelings to arise. Or, breathers need to gain confidence in the process before being safe to feel in sessions.