Courses  in Breathwork Mastery 

online course units

Online only – dates of your choice.
one to one ( or your group ) seminar and session each day – 4.5 hours
each course unit is professional and personal development


Short Courses of 2, 4, 6 and 8 days in Breathwork in 7 theme subjects
Seven themes of 40 seminars in total –


Course Unit 1 – Breathwork Mastery & Self Awareness – two sessions/two seminars
Course Unit 2 – Power of Breathwork – four sessions/four seminars
Course Unit 3 – Breathwork and Conscious Relating – six sessions/six seminars
Course Unit 4 – Chakra Consciousness and psychology– six sessions/six seminars/five yoga mantra and chakra meditation sessions
Course Unit 5 – Levels of Experience – eight sessions/eight seminars
Course Unit 6 – Esoteric Mysteries and Breathwork – eight sessions/eight seminars
Course Unit 7 – Metaphysics and Safety in a Breathwork Practice – for professionals – six sessions/six seminars

enrol in one of these that takes your strongest interest.

Courses are theoretical and experiential training in Breathwork Mastery in essential and valuable wellness and transformation distinctions.
Seminars address how Breathwork makes a difference on all levels of wellness – mental health and physical wellness and in transpersonal and spiritual transformation.

Professional development ??
Many professionals may be able to do this as continuing professional development
because ?
Alakh has an Advanced Diplome in Breathwork Mastery trainer and supervisor qualification
check this with your Association or professional body

– call Alakh for a quotes and availability

About the courses – which one?

There is a theme subject seminar each day and a personal breathwork session on your personal intentions for your life. The courses are designed to cover vital subjects around using breathwork as a path of self-mastery. The main aim is deconditioning and reprogramming the body-mind at the cellular level.

The themes are relevant to deconditioning and reprogramming self and understanding how to live intentionally for life and be more free to be in action instead of a reaction to events and people.

The time frame for online seminar session is approximately 4.5 hours – on skype or zoom or the phone.

You can self pace one unit of your choice and be able to learn more about how to use the conscious breath to discharge the subconscious limited thinking that holds our reactivity and irrationality in place – until it is resolved. The wisdom and insight you can is for your self-use and for supporting others at a preprofessional support person level. A comprehensive workbook comes with each course.

 Pre profssional training

Units 1,2 and 3 are actually training at the Breathworker Pre Professional level.
They are excellent for professionals who work in the wellness professions, management, health care, employed in high crisis management services where the professional is dealing with highly reactive individuals and situations. In terms of personal development the personal breathwork session gives authentic relaxation and unwinds trauma out of the system – remembered or not – and is ideal for those who have anxiety, depression from life events, and strange panic attacks which are often not seen as body memories coming to the surface for resolving – sometimes quite primal.

Each unit may be credited against Practitioner Training – the International Certification in Breathwork Mastery and completed by Unit – Practical Training Unit 8 – Client contact is also needed to complete.


Units 1,2,3 are pre-professional training

How to use the breath for personal wellness on all levels
and support others who are reactive, in stress, panic, anxiety or depression states.

• Breathwork and Mindful Self Awareness • Unit 1 – 2 sessions

  • introduction to Breathwork Mastery
  • Breathing consciously with intention

• Power of Breathwork • Unit 2 – 4 session

  • Levels of inner experience
  • Variations in Breath
  • Cellular Memory
  • Reaction/Choice

• Breathwork and Conscious Relating • Unit 3 – 6 session

  • Reactive, Creative and Spiritual Relating
  • Child /Adult
  • Father /Male
  • Mother/Female
  • Death, Death of the Identity, Loss, Grief and Abandonment
  • Birth, Transition and Change

Units 4 – 7

• Chakra Consciousness and Psychology • Unit 4 – 6 sessions 

  • Overview of Chakras and kundalini and spiritual awakening
  • Mooladhara and Swadhisthana
  • Manipura
  • Anahata
  • Vishuddhi
  • Ajna & Sahasara

• Levels of Experience • Unit 5 – 8 sessio

  • Physicality 1
  • Physicality 2
  • Mental Power 1
  • Mental Power 2
  • Emotional 1
  • Emotional 2
  • Spirituality 1
  • Spirituality 2

• Esoteric Mysteries and Breathwork • Unit 6 – 8 sessions

  • Wonderchild 1
  • Wonderchild 2
  • Psychic Ability 1
  • Psychic Ability 2
  • Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork
  • Shamanism and Breathwork
  • Universal Tantra
  • Sex/Gender conditioning

• Metaphysics and Safety in a Breathwork Practice • Unit 7 – 6 sessions

  • Being in Practice, successful practitioner mind sets and experience, Referrals
  • Wellness industry legislation and Safety





alakh analdaAlakh has been a professional Breathworker since 1987, and Practitioner Trainer since 1993. Author, originator & copyright holder (© 1998, 2005, 2011) of the study material for Breathwork Mastery RBM skills, knowledge & training curriculum, International Certification in Breathwork Mastery. Director of Training since 1998 of Zentium International Training Organisation.

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Europe: Laura Gardano, PhD.
Available in CET time
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America: Naomi Lindsay
Available CST USA Texas
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Australia:  Eleanor Mann
Available AEDT

Languages & locations of RBM Graduates
English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Hebrew, Gaelic and Spanish

Some Graduates of Breathwork Mastery are in:
Paris, Germany, Israel, Bali, USA, South America, Ireland/UK, Italy, Australia and a number of them travel worldwide

All can give online sessions in your time zone.

Some of the professional Graduate Practitioners go to the international conferences. This is Austria 2017.

graduates at Austria conference

7 study PDF workbooks – 40 seminars