Online Breathwork sessions

-Skype/zoom/what’s app/facetime or messenger
terms and conditions until review end of June 2021

Your Breathwork session – with Alakh Analda
Breathwork since 1987 and Practitioner trainer since 1993
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Your prebooked online Breathwork Mastery session
setting it up – from Alakh – skype name – aanalda

Set up a time/s and date/s to join the small group dates or if you want a single one to one session contact me by text or email – and please use phone texting. Other texting like messenger and what’s app are ok for back up but I don’t check them regularly for business.
My availability - Booking in
From overseas – finding times for appointments use the app – time buddy – it is always up to date.
From Australia too –
I can be booked for 2.5 hour sessions at times between 9am starting and 9pm ending – Sydney time, Australia – any day by our agreement to a date and time – and prepaying the fee in Australian dollars – and please sending the receipt.

The sessions are for personal development and you may also undertake a lot of your practitioner training on line – by booking into 36 session set dates in groups of 12 (12×3)

valid to 1-1-21
for a single session one to one, the fee is $AUS 225
The reduced current fee is $AUS 195 if 3 sessions dates are booked.
Payment details are on the site by pay pal or EFT prepaid

Practitioner training or personal retreat fee – terms and conditions.
The fee is reduced to $AUD 150 per session if you pay and book in advance for 12 sessions on line. This is for clients who are wanting to take on a personal retreat type experience or for clients who are doing practitioner training and may involve one or two others on the call.
Your first 3 sessions will be one to one and after that there might be two more persons on the call who will be on mute during the breath cycle. The advantage to you will be you hearing them sharing before and after the session breath cycle – which is always heartwarming and its an important part of practitioner training.

How to pay

I prefer Electronics Funds Transfer EFT or
Pay from your PayPal account to my email address and it’s possible there’s no fees to you or me
Link to make a payment with your PayPal account.
If f you use your credit card please add 3% to the fee
EFT – Electronic funds transfer details are to A Analda – ABN 56221163691
BSB 062 565 account 0070 6835
Please text or email details of payment.

The session
Allow 2.5 hours and after for some quiet reflection time – for extra integration.
You choose your best way to have the link and know that the session may not be encrypted.
If you want to record the session please get my written permission first.
Please send me the link up details before.
For skype – contact me – aanalda before – so I can accept your contact.
For the set dates contact it will be skype or zoom prepublished dates.
Three dates a fortnight with one week off for mid week set dates
and a choice of – four session weekends two a day
– joining from overseas may require some extra management and other options
Back up too
Please make sure I have your current mobile number and email contact – and
Please give me the name and contact of someone who could go to you – IF something happened to make that necessary.
Send this by text for each session please
Have a support person with you?
You are also welcome to have a support person in the room with you during your session preferably from start to end.
Please let the support person know the time frame of your session and do something for them in exchange ?
If you have a support person in the room please send me their email and mobile contact so I can let them know they are simply sitting in and watching you.
You will need
• your phone and computer plugged in and staying powered.
• your computer programmes closed down.
• your phone beside you on mute so you can see a message from me if the connection drops out
• Earbuds or headphones with a microphone – especially for the breath cycle of approximately 90 minutes when your head is back on your mat and so I can hear what you are saying
• computer and skype camera ready to put next to your mat or mattress for breathing time which is after the first 30 minutes of sitting to talk.
• Lights on from the start if it will get dark during your session.
• Indirect lighting to avoid being dazzled by overhead lights. Table and desk lights low to the ground and bounced off the walls are good for this.
• privacy – no unnecessary interruptions
Timing during the session
• The first 30 minutes – is for speaking giving information, questions and setting a highly motivating intention for your session.
• 90 minutes breathing cycle of full, connected, conscious, breathing – lying down in a room – undisturbed – on a mat or bed – where the computer shows your face and to below the navel ( In the conscious breathing cycle your eyes are closed and your face and voice are directed up to the ceiling most of the time. Moving positions too can be part of the session.)
• 30 minutes at the end to debrief the session – to allow a completion for that session.
• Please note sometimes it is best to not speak at the end of some types of very peaceful sessions and in that case we agree and I leave you and you send an email or call or text soon after to give me your sharing.
Room check before we start
Arrange the room to be
• not too bright or dark
• Indirect lighting
• no drafts or dusty exposure or toxic air like new carpets, paint, beauty or nail or cleaning products nearby.
• a cover – for if you get cold
• tissues nearby
• light already on – if it will get dark during the session
• enough lighting in the room that I can see your chest moving up and down against a different colour to your clothes.
• earphones headset or ear buds so I can hear you best
• computer and phone already on.
• internet working – no storms or power cuts expected
• check you have sent your contact person name, contacts to Alakh
• you have told your support person the times of your session if possible
Checks during the session – if necessary
Check you are in a place where you stay safe if you move around a bit during the session.
Check your power cord stays in and your phone battery is working for the whole session time
Check for music I play during the session
– if you can not hear music for a couple of minutes we might have lost contact – so please check your computer screen – if it’s off please check your silent phone for a text message or text me
Check your phone is nearby with the volume down and so you can get text messages from me if a tech problem arises
Cyberspace and other connections
please note
during the session if you cannot see me but can hear the music I may have turned off the video of me to you – to manage a weak signal. I can still hear and see you.
To contact me ? – I prefer to use phone texting to keep my important business in one place which I check regularly followed by email but which I only check once a day.
Texts etc by messenger and what’s app etc are not so fast for me and they can get buried by friend messages plus I don’t check much.

Loss of internet connection or a weak signal is a problem to avoid.
Remember storms can interfere with internet and devices so mention if one is building in your area at start up time.

types of connections
Skype and zoom are valuable and hardly fail but are not infallible and we may loose contact on all devices at an important time in your session.
If so?
There is also FaceTime, what’s app, messenger etc – many more to decide on –
I have found skype to be the most simple connection as its just a few moves – just open and press my contact and its on – zoom takes time and logins to set up
Skype is very effective for me one to one in these last ten years however it may disconnect and I will call you back – or text your phone.
Or if there is a power outage or interrupting event for example – I will call your phone or text and we will find a win-win solution to debrief or continue another time.
The sound
There are sometimes extra sounds in the sessions – just stay with the response you get from those if they come – as well as the music I play for you in my room. Speak to me anytime during the session. Remember If you cannot hear the music we may mean we have become disconnected.
End to the session and follow up
Towards the end of 2.5 hours, it may be best for me to just leave you lying or quiet – to integrate your session, if we have spoken and you agree completely.
In that case, we debrief by email soon after. Or you can contact me by text or phone.
In the debrief, you can ask questions and from speaking about your experiences you may integrate even more what your session told you about your intention – and what is now possible in your life
Or call me when we can both speak ….
If you are wanting to credit your sessions against practitioner training please fill out the debrief form – I can send it by email and it is important you add the date. You may also be surprised how much integration writing about it gives.
Privacy and recording
Please note that the debrief form I will send by email is keep note of your sessions for training recording – it will be kept on my computer with a guarantee of confidentiality from me.
The system is not 100 percent confidential.
In cases of computer repair or similar ?
please note that if you do not want anything to ever be read or misused about your sessions you can call me on the phone and tell about that part of the session so its not on a record – it’s no problem as my main focus is respect tor your process.
Re Back up contact person – support person
A support person is someone who wants the best for you and you can have them in the room or on notice about your session. A contact person is more like a person you can rely on in a situation So this is preferably a person who could drop in to check on you on or near the date of the session. But I have never needed to use this in 10 years of giving skype sessions globally.