We have beliefs that are real and expansive and beliefs that are based on a past experience that are constrictive – limiting in terms of expression, sensitivity, health and happiness.

A belief like ” i am loved and accepted just as i am” … is expansive and may not cause problems in life.

The belief ” i am not acceptable as i am” … is not likely to be expansive and can affect an individual’s expression, sensitivity to self and others, and health and happiness – and their personal and professional life.

Why do we not enjoy life?

My theory and experience based on my own learning through yoga training, meditation and breathwork, is that a cause of ongoing lack of satisfaction in life is based on the moments in our early life when we were small, helpless and dependent on others to meet our basic needs and our survival. In our birth experience and early infancy, when we are helpless and dependent … there are events that to us (helpless and dependent) may seem life threatening.

We cannot talk, walk, ask for what we want or need, get what we want or need – express ourselves? except for crying and waving arms and legs and moving as much as possible … or as little as possible?

During the time fo threat to the body of such a tiny human, it seems to me, one or more of four major limiting decisions or beliefs get programmed into our systems. They go into the system with a breath hold and a contraction to the body.


–      I am not good enough or there is not enough

–      i cannot have what i want

–      Life is hard

–      People will hurt me


These, and many personal variations to these four thoughts, are the major limiting beliefs that can lock into an infant and continue to affect that individual into and through adulthood – until there is an individual awareness of a personal mental or emotional constriction or block…. or a disease state in the body from the constriction.

i consider breathwork to be very effective to release and resolve these blocks. I understand this effectiveness is because, at the time of the threat, the breath was held or suppressed. Therefore by being supported to breathe longer and fuller than normal, and, most importantly consciously, the individual can release and resolve the original impression. The time frame and pathway of experience in the breathwork sessions are unpredictable and individual. So releasing and resolving limiting beliefs is to take part in sessions as a path of self mastery and freedom to live as who we are without the affect of the earlier traumatic experience – the threat to the body when small and helpless.