9 Day personal Retreat ~ Spiritual Purification


What is spiritual purification?
Being able to experience yourself and your mind, emotions and spirit in a positive light – with a sense of acceptance …
and compassion for self ….

9 breathwork sessions, one to one or one to couple,
advanced yoga/meditation practice sessions
and the elements of earth, air, fire and water daily

Each day has spiritual purification emphasis at a high gradient
with the balance of time to yourself or in nature, for integration
and of course a walk along the beach to the local cafes for some extra integration if needed !
with the option of some visits to the Byron Bay landmarks and a bit of time as a tourist.

Your package includes least one breath session a day,
plus a personal yoga/meditation session and spiritual purification practises –
to serve you for the rest of your life.

For other spirItual purification practises in this retreat, we consciously use the elements of nature,
for increasingly opening up our spiritual life.

  • earth – food (organic and simple vegetarian with organic juices) and nature
    ( the venue is next to the ocean and national park ),
  • fire – candles or the fire pit,
  • water – the ocean or bathing and
  • air – yoga/pranayama and breathwork

Also the element of ether –  satsang and talks by dvds of honoured masters of their field.

There are many profound yoga and personal development books to read,
and remember – lots of time out to rest or exercise, fast or have some taste delights.

Clients share that having breathwork sessions each day in a row, creates a lot of movement to
freedom in their life.

More on what happens ~

Rebirthing Breathwork is a spiritually, mentally, and emotionally freeing practise……
and has many physical benefits as well – some immediate.

Yoga/Meditation practise benefits all levels –
and i will teach you the yogic intestinal and nasal washes – the cleansing kriyas
that are physical detoxification practises,
plus other specialist yoga/meditation practises that are preparation for Kriya Yoga practise –
yet they are very effective on their own.

All of these practises you can continue at home at appropriate times.

i have the full experience of yoga life practises, from living in the Indian yogashram
of Swami Satyananda 1977-86 and doing my teacher training there and Kriya Yoga initiation in 1976.
I became a yoga teacher in 1977, and later became a teacher in India, on the teacher”s training
and Kriya Yoga courses. So I will be offering yoga practises other than asana, which are available everywhere.

You will have time to do your own asana practise – in your room, or at the beach?
Other optional practises are a day or two of fasting (or juices) ,
or silence – called mouna – an unexpectedly powerful practise for purifying the mind
and chanting mantras, with the benefits that the vibration of sound brings to the mental level

This retreat is at a high gradient and may be intense for you.
It has one to one support focus (or one to two for couples) – for your self paced development and clearing

And remember, there will be parts of the day you will spend on your own, free to sleep, rest, read, write or
go into nature next to kilometers of quiet, deserted beach and bush/national park .
The focus of the retreat is on your intentions in life as well as your spiritual development practises.

Please contact me if you want further information – thankyou from Alakh


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dates of choice

How to Enrol

Please go to contact page – all the banking details and pay pal options are there

Venue details

* All personal retreat intensives include own room (or share for two) –
• Choice of pre-arranged dates
• Own room, own bathroom
• Own entrance
• all meals – vegetarian, and snacks
• Gold Coast airport pick up/drop off
• Private courtyard
• Location beachside – short walk through the bush to the ocean – deserted and pristine
• Walk to local shop 7 minutes
• Walk along beach to café, shop with post office and bottle shop 15 minutes
• Alternate to airport – drop offs/pick ups from Byron Bay or Mullumbimby
• Internet/broadband basic access, by negotiation
• Tv/dvd player in room – optional

Right next to the National Park – Billinudgel on the ocean side