21 breathwork sessions and advanced yoga practises
– and full yogic detoxification practice with yoga diet and self appointed practises like fasting of food and speach (silence – mouna). Training in the steps of preparation for Kriya Yoga is optional
This personal breakthrough retreat intensive has lots of time and space to yourself with support for self appointed detoxification of body, through yogic intestinal washing, time out of speaking, i.e silence (mouna), resting, introspection. It allows you to take advantage of a quiet venue next to the National Park and ocean and face not going anywhere except by walking or cycling.
The optional full yogic detox, mahashankarprakshalana is a cleansing practise with proper follow up food support. You have other options as Alakh is well trained in yoga as well as long term breathworker trainer ….. and the occasional fabulous Byron Bay massage with medicinal quality oils!
Social time out and strong physical activity is also optional but the emphasis is on creating a new relationship with resting and relaxing with no distractions …… Unless you change your mind – its your retreat! Self awareness and spiritual development practises are the main focus as well as the opportunity for your body to be cleansed inside and out. The elements of earth, air, fire and water plus meeting with words of wisdom from books, tapes and videos is available.



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